Steve Santer – Digital Art Direction and Motion Design


Paddle Pop Begins. Lick-a-prize – 3D Illustration & Flash Development (AS3)

A 3D Illustration & Flash Development (AS3 & Away 3D): Paddle Pop Lick-a-prize was one of the largest Flash Dev projects I’ve worked on. I created a 3D BMX bike customiser that allowed users to colour pick parts of the bike in 3D and submit their entry to a gallery. If they won the major prize they won their customised BMX in the colour they chose.

I worked with a fantastic team on this. A great Art Director, another Flash Dev and a backend Dev, and a steadfast producer. All brought this wonderful piece together.

Agency Deepend Sydney

Role 3D modelling, 3D and Game Flash development, Design direction, Matte painting

Tools Cinema 4D, Flash, Flash Builder: AS3 with Away 3D, Photoshop, Illustrator


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