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3D animation & Motion Design – Show Reel

Well finally, I started putting together a showreel...this is work in progress really. Once complete I'll place it in the portfolio section.... Contains work for: Zoetis, Pfizer, KPMG, SplashDance, Toshiba, Sydney Festival, Fairfax Media. There's work that covers science / engineering industries, mobile in-app animation, and some R&D results, visualisations & prototyping.

Testing fluid simulations with Cinema 4D and X-Particles 3

This R&D is for a new motion graphics project. I've purchased X-Particles 3 specifically for this project. The plugin is incredibly versatile - can truly appreciate why everyone seems to love it. Can start getting predictable results quickly then take as much time as you have to tweak it. It's still early days on this new R&D but here's some quick renders of a fluid simulation. The fluid is dispersing from a sphere. I'll keep this post updated as the project continues.

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