Toshiba (NZ) – Kick Around the World, Rugby Game Design

I designed the interaction and UI of this online game for the Toshiba (NZ) staff, before I left the &Some Studio (The Image Centre) Auckland back to Sydney in early 2011, so I never saw this game developed and implemented. I was told however, that Toshiba NZ loved it. Needless to say this game was tied into the Rugby World Cup of 2011.

I remember the brief was pretty open, so I was able to interpret the brief as I saw fit, and created an earthy, grungy feel. I took visual cues from sport related broadcast idents and shows, as well as other games in this genre. As I knew I was going to be absent from the build phase, I created a number of animated sequences depicting how I saw the game flow come together. This not only helped the client understand what was being built but also offered the programmers something to design toward.