Steve Santer - UX & UI mobile app design - Red Handed

Red Handed – Research, Branding, UX Design and UI Design – Social News Reporting Mobile App

Red Handed mobile app on Android and iOS was a concept focussed on Social News Reporting, a platform for social policing – a free app that encourage people to be aware of their surrounding and film suspicious incidents. Video is then available to the community to try and validate if the footage is depicting criminal behaviour or not. Validation was through community voting on if the footage was real or fake or staged. There were some complex algorithms on the backend that tried to deal with people’s voting behaviours and views and shares to try and balance out people’s conscious biases vs their actual behaviour. I worked across; Research, Branding, UX Design and UI Design.


From a purely UI Design perspective this app was being created at a time when visual aesthetics were maturing, and undergoing a major shift away from skeuomorphism to a new paradigm in UI design. It’s interesting to reflect back on this design now, several years later, as it demonstrates this visual design shift, with hallmarks of both flat design and skeuomorphism.

Steve Santer - UX & UI mobile app design - Red Handed

Role Research, Creative Direction, Mobile UX Design and UI Design

Tools After Effects, Cinema 4D, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign