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Nerve Pain Awareness – Medical 3D animation

Medical 3D Animation and Motion Design.

Using a mix of After Effects techniques with heavy use of expressions and multi-pass renders from Cinema 4D were used to create this piece. Due to the nature of the project the final animated piece is not available to the public.

3D animation medical - Nerve Pain - image 2Using Expressions in After Effects for precise control and timing of radial animated elements.

3D animation medical - Nerve Pain - image 5Layers of 3D animation renders from Cinema 4D, composited in After Effects.

3D animation medical - Nerve Pain image 4Trapcode Particular being used to good effect (pardon the pun) for the layering of dust and particles. Backgrounds are rendered in Cinema 4D.

3D animation medical - Nerve Pain - image 3

Trapcode plugins again being used for dust, stylised animated fire and smoke, and lighting effects.

Role Motion Designer and 3D modeller & animator

Tools After Effects, Trapcode, Cinema 4D, Photoshop, Illustrator