Steve Santer - HP and Microsoft pop-up shop New Zealand 2009 - LED lighting app

HP-SHOP Pop-up shop – Colour Me Project

HP’s pop-up shop interactive lighting.

An installation of LED lights for HP’s pop-up shop in Auckland for the 8 weeks or so leading up to the Christmas period 2010.

I created an app with Processing, its tasks were to perform a simple Twitter search for certain keywords and then strip out colour information from the tweet. The colour information could be provided either as a human-friendly word like ‘blue’ or ‘chocolate’ (which was compared to a long list of words and equivalent RGB values), or as a hexadecimal value like ‘#FF000’ the app would find the latest tweets, place them in an array of colour values to execute in order every few seconds. Once this was completed it would then go and check for more tweets.

The custom application I developed ran on a PC, which was connected to a DMX controller, that then hooked up to the LEDs.

Webcams from within the shop streamed live, which allowed anyone in the world to tweet a colour change in the shop and watch live via the associated website.

Agency &Some (New Zealand)

Role Concept, producer, programmer, lighting design – and cut the video above.

Tools Processing, LED arrays, DMX controller, Premiere for the associated PR videos