Electrolux Home Appliances – Web and Interaction Design

I worked across Electrolux Home Appliances during 2008-2010, while I was Lead Digital Art Director at G2 Sydney. G2 was Grey Groups’ activation agency. The broad cross section of work for Electrolux, included the whole gamut of digital products of the time (no mobile work of course) everything from eDMs, campaign sites, to B2B intranet portals. The creation of these digital products involved art directing photo shoots, flash programming, illustration and animation, web design, and iconography.

Electrolux was a fantastic client to work with. They thought big and knew these projects not only needed the appropriate funding, but required the encouragement and enthusiasm of the client as well. This in turn lead to excited and driven, creative and project staff to go above and beyond in everything we did for them.

The age of this project (now around 12 years) has meant that my archived images are in a far lower resolution than would be normally acceptable today. However, I want to have these projects on display for my own reflection and ease of access. These were really good times with a great client and team at G2 Sydney.

The images in the gallery above show photos from a photoshoot taken on location in Dover Heights Sydney. The Creative Director hired the house to take advantage of the infinity pool overlooking the deep blue of the Pacific Ocean as well as the home’s amazing external kitchen and dining area. We had food stylists for the close ups of the cooking shots, and other agency staff on hand to act as the silhouettes which formed part of the Flash animation transitions between products.

Elegance through simplicity of colour palette and typography. Ensuring product photography was the focus of the page, without clutter of navigation and calls to action.

Brand ambassadors were key to many of the activations the Electrolux undertook, including celebrity chefs Jamie Durie and Tetsuya Wakuda.