Steve Santer – Digital Art Direction and Motion Design


Cammy – Branding, Illustration, UX Design, and UI Design for Android and iOS

The Cammy mobile app is a deceptively simple mobile app. Designed to allow straightforward connections to wireless camera devices through your wireless connection. This simplicity had to be expressed via the openness, approachable, and honest brand design execution, and then followed through all touch points and experiences with the brand, including the sign up process, on boarding, marketing materials and copywriting.

Mobile App Branding - Cammy

The core focus of approachability and user centred design was further enhanced by the on boarding steps which I designed and crafted in Cinema 4D and rendered with Sketch and Toon.

Cammy Mobile App User Flow UX Design

Removing all superfluous functionality to reveal the most essential core components to achieve the app’s focus, resulted in this most elegantly simple user flow.

At the time, the market was saturated with overly complex software that was far from user friendly or even usable unless you happen to be a developer. Too often instruction manuals accompanying security cameras were not written by people with either great skills in english or communication. Cammy’s premise was to open up security surveillance at a fraction of the cost of Dropcams and other similar products, for home, business and vehicles; like boats, caravans etc with the use of a sister app called CammyCam.

Cammy mobile app screens – Steve Santer - Digital Art Direction and Motion Design

Cammy’s direction was to simplify not only the user’s experience but the whole tone-of-voice of the experience. Instead of having jargon laden instructions in broken english, Cammy’s tone is light, conversational and approachable. Our target audience for Cammy had never tried to set up devices across a wireless network before, let alone multiple wireless cameras, so we ensured Cammy made the user experience enjoyable and satisfying as possible.

Cammy mobile app screens – Steve Santer - Digital Art Direction and Motion Design

Cammy mobile app screens – Steve Santer - Digital Art Direction and Motion Design

Role Creative Direction, Research and persona definition, UX Design, and UI Design

Tools Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Cinema 4D

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