Steve Santer – Digital Art Direction and Motion Design


3D animation Self Healing of Advanced Composites


An explainer video using 3D animation demonstrating how self healing can be attained in advanced composite materials using Epoxy and Mercaptan capsules in the resin layer between carbon fibre sheets.

The top image shows the hardened combination of Mercaptan and Epoxy filling the void of a micro crack. The liquid simulation was created using Xparticles 3. All rendering completed within Cinema 4D R16 and final composition and output from After Effects.

This whole animation was created by Blur Design for Habibah Ghazali to be shown at the 20th International Conference on Composite Materials in Copenhagen, 19-24 July 2015.

For more information and access to the paper click here

Self Healing of Advanced Composites
The above image shows carbon fibre streaming across the screen to build an understanding of carbon fibre sheeting is built from multiple fine strands.

Self Healing of Advanced Composites
The liquid ingredients of the micro capsules that rupture when a fracture occurs, spilling its fluid content, allowing the self healing of the carbon fibre.

Self Healing of Advanced Composites
Visualising the layering of the carbon fibre and how capsules are dispersed.

Self Healing of Advanced Composites
A close up of a fractured capsule with the liquid pouring from the capsule into the space created by a micro crack.

Self Healing of Advanced Composites
A graphic representation of the capsule sitting directly on the surface of the carbon fibre, which in reality would actually be within a resin as shown in the animation above.

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