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Fluid animation – Mid air water crash x-particles and cinema 4d


A test using xp3 (x-particles 3) and c4d (Cinema 4D R16 Studio) for a mid air water crash.

Final render for this piece of R&D. I’ve learnt a lot doing this set up. And have a wet map working on the floor as well – which could have been taken far further. The same could be said with the lighting. But this isn’t a real project! The outcome I wanted to explore was how two emitters would interact inside a single solver and skinner object. Perhaps an obvious thing to note is the lighting is very important to help carry the idea of water successfully in a simulation environment.

This experiment is to see how X-particles 3 goes with 2 emitters firing liquid / water that perform a mid air water crash - it uses emitters and a skinner in a FLIP solver. I also added gravity (obviously), a little turbulence, and a drag modifier to the set up.

The above video was the first quick bash at it. This is just a quick R&D for simulated fluids colliding in air. Some people are getting awesome results with fluid in xparticles, however, i’m not there yet.

I just can’t seem to get a result I’m overly pleased with yet for this scene. I also want to implement material changes in the floor when the ‘wet’ particles hit it.

Using x-particles 3 and Cinema 4D r16 Studio. Rendered in c4d physical renderer.

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