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Future Human by Design – Futures Thinking from a Designer’s Perspective

This project originally set out to explore the need of Futures Thinking for Humanitarian Scenarios from a Designer's Perspective. To do this however, I needed to investigate each of these areas of enquiry; Futures Thinking in Humanitarian Scenarios, Futures Thinking and Design Thinking, Designers using Futures Thinking and Mindfulness Practice for Design Leaders. The blog is live. It is a work in progress, with more research and new areas of enquiry coming up.

How professionals create value with other people

This short write up on how 3 professions add value to their clients, is based solely on personal experience and not on any research beyond these interactions. It’s also based on a mere handful of professionals that I have interacted with, or observed, over the years. What is interesting is considering how they offer value and comparing them to a design practice.